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Things you MUST know about LASIK eye surgery

There is no denying the fact that LASIK surgery is one of the best cosmetic procedures that has helped countless individuals around the world to be able to see the world without using glasses and contact lenses. LASIK treatment in Dubai is known to be the most advanced and popular cosmetic surgery procedures that offer instant results to the patients as it restores their vision within 24 hours from the surgery. Another major reason behind the immense popularity of this cosmetic procedure is that it is a painless refractive surgery procedure.

If you are also having issues with your vision and planning to opt for LASIK surgery to restore your vision, then you will have consider a few things before making a decision in this regard. Let’s take a look into a few important things that you must know before opting for this procedure.

1- How LASIK surgery is performed

If you are going to opt for LASIK surgery, then the first thing that you need to do is to get information about the procedure so that you could get it done with full confidence. If we describe LASIK surgery in simple words, it is a refractory surgery procedure that is performed to correct the vision of the patients for both near and far sightedness. For this, the surgeon that you will choose will use a computer which will assist him utilize the right amount of laser that will be required to fix your refractive problem.

2- What should you do before opting for this procedure?

If you have made your mind to opt for LASIK eye surgery, then the next thing that you need to do is to look for a highly qualified eye surgeon who should possess a very good reputation for performing LASIK procedures.  The eye surgeon that you will select for your surgery will perform certain tests to determine if you are eligible for the procedure or not.

3- What to expect during the procedure

If you don’t know already, LASIK surgery is a very short surgical procedure. Your surgeon will give you a sedative tablet and will also put drops to numb your eye before using laser over your eye. Yes, you will be awake throughout the procedure but you will face no pain during the surgery.

4- Are there any side effects of the procedure?

If you are hesitant about opting for a clinic in JLT for LASIK surgery due to its side effects, then there is nothing that you should worry about. If performed by a highly experienced surgeon, there are no significant side effects of this procedure. However, there can be issues like glare, haze and halos if the flap is cut too thin or thick by an inexperienced surgeon.